The move into the new factory in Itzehoe is also associated with the realisation of new environmentally-friendly solutions, helping us to save resources and minimise emissions.

This also includes insulation which is better than that required by law. The complete factory is heated by process heat recovery. The floor (under-floor heating) serves as heat storage for downtimes.

Our BLUESEAL® product, introduced in 2011, is completely PVC-free. As a result of this, we have been able to reduce PVC waste by more than 90%.

What we do to protect the environment.

BLUESEAL® is manufactured without plasticizers, i.e. plasticizer emissions are excluded. 

The compressed air for our entire factory is produced both oil-free and efficiently according to the latest state-of-the-art technology. The advantages of oil-free compressed air: 

  • extended service life of the pneumatic tools
  • reduced energy consumption
  • no undesirable odours
  • no pollution in the workplace, thereby increasing safety
  • no disposal of oily condensate, oil filters and oil waste