As a medium-sized business whose history spans almost over a hundred years, Pano is a reliable constant in an industry whose image has been greatly changed by globalisation. Today, Pano is one of the few manufacturers of metal packaging and technologies for sealing glass jars that has remained independent. This is where our opportunities lie, also resulting in our strengths.

Faster, more flexible, customised.

We are specialists who are able to quickly adapt to the different requirements of the customers. Through our experience and expertise, we have the necessary knowledge to provide customised solutions to individual performance requirements. And it is this that makes us a valuable partner - not least when it concerns special sizes, specific product demands and the highest standards of quality.

Geared to the needs of the customer, the retail market and the consumer, Pano constantly seeks innovative approaches in the new and further development of closures and machines. 

Our latest example can be seen in the development of BLUESEAL®, the world's first lug cap, whose sealing ring is free of PVC and plasticizers. Pano is thereby paving the way for the future. This is because a range has been created with BLUESEAL® which exactly meets the present wishes and standard requirements of the future.

In order to satisfy the demands of the innovative cap, Pano has expanded production capacity. The foundation for continued positive development of the company was laid with the inauguration of the new factory in Itzehoe in 2011.

Pano has all the necessary certificates for the food industry and fulfils all required standards, including quality management standards. A complete overview can be obtained in the download area.