Sustainable products, energy efficient production:

A bioeconomic success

Pano impresses its customers with innovative strength and tangible customer proximity. We supply sustainable solutions for the reliable capping of glass containers in the food industry. The product range includes high-quality lug caps, snap-on caps and disposable caps, resealable two-piece metal cans, as well as capping machines inclusive feeding systems and vacuum detectors.


years' experience


% focus on energy efficient production of Blueseal® caps

We combine economy and ecology in the best possible way. This puts us in line with the many companies in the food industry and retail trade that find themselves in the midst of a transformation process in the face of increasingly scarce raw materials, climate change, and nutrition-related challenges.

Climate protection is the top priority

For decades now, we have been developing products and processes that allow for a sustainable reduction in CO2 levels. This principle forms the basis for the groundbreaking development of our PVC-free Blueseal® caps. For this core product, we have implemented a production concept geared to sustainability and bioeconomic efficiency. Here, the "how" is decisive: The sealing compound used for caps containing PVC requires thermal drying, which involves a huge consumption of energy and polluted waste air. The PVC-free sealing ring used in the Blueseal® cap differs in this respect, as it makes thermal drying superfluous. The PVC-free production process saves energy and CO2. With the complete conversion of our company to green electricity, we manufacture our Blueseal® caps in a energy efficient and climate friendly cap production facility.

PVC vs. PVC-free: Its blue ring is the hallmark of sustainability.

Infografik zu Einsparungen

Infografik zu Einsparungen

Real and sustained savings at the company site in Germany by completely converting our cap production from PVC to PVC-free sealing material Provalin® and (from 2021) to green electricity. Calculation basis: Production of 100m caps with a diameter of 63 mm.

Competence & customer proximity, technology & service

Basis for first class consulting

Die Markteinführung des PVC-freien Gläserverschlusses Pano Blueseal® ist eine Erfolgsgeschichte, begleitet von kontinuierlichem Wachstum. Heute bieten wir 12 verschiedene PVC-freie Größen in zwei Ausführungen sowie drei abgestimmten Compound-­Typen an und verfügen über die weltweit größte installierte Produktionsbasis für PVC-freie Nockendrehverschlüsse.


PVC-free cap variants


% annual growth in Blueseal® caps

The rollout of the PVC-free Pano Blueseal® cap is a success story accompanied by continuous growth. Today, we offer 12 different PVC-free sizes in two designs as well as three harmonised compound types, and we have the world's largest installed production base for PVC-free lug caps. We supply customers from practically every segment of the food industry, such as producers of delicatessen products, fish, meat and dairy products, honey and jams, fruit, vegetables and pickled preserves. We also serve retailers' proprietary brands.

Different filling products, different requirements

Fulfilling our customers' expectations to perfection is our guiding principle: The ideal solution for every filling product. With caps that have seals which are especially suitable for cold filling and cold storage, pasteurisation or sterilisation. With coatings and decors as required. With seamless integration of our capping machines into our customers' production lines. We leave nothing to chance. We advise our customers and work closely with them throughout the entire process, from the initial idea or requirement through to test series and the finished packaging solution. Only when it is ensured that the on-site production process runs smoothly have we fulfilled our task.

100 years devoted to innovation

Our history

Established by PAul NOfer in Brunsbüttel as an electrical installation business and company for producing sealable bitumen drums made of sheet steel

First metal cap for preserving jars


Presentation of the world's first vacuum metal cap for food glass packaging at the Leipzig Spring Fair

Pano III – a special cap for preserving fruit and vegetables in industrial jars left over from the war

Construction of a new factory in Itzehoe by Paul Nofer's son-in-law, the engineer Heinrich Eberhardt, marking the start of industrial mass production

Type Uni – first screw cap made of aluminium with a fully automatically fitted PVC seal and Panomat – first automatic capping machine, universal usability of the cap thanks to individual adaptation of the PVC compounds to each filling product

Expansion with a new production hall and ten fully automated production lines

Management taken over by Wulf Eberhardt, concentration on specific cap lines, orientation to the European market, and advanced technical developments

Construction of a new factory in Brunsbüttel for producing capping machines and tools according to customers' specific requirements

Start of the production of lug caps made of tinplate

Development of the world's first lug cap with a PVC-free seal in collaboration with ActegaDS and Feinkost Dittmann

New factory constructed in Itzehoe Innovationspark, which becomes the company headquarters with state-of-the-art production plants, implementation of a sustainable production concept with high energy and CO2 savings

Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2011

2011 German packaging prize for the PVC-free Pano Blueseal® lug cap

Global market leader in the PVC-free lug cap segment, concentration of the entire cap production at Innovationspark

Complete conversion of the energy supply to green electricity, installation of a further latest-generation printing press

Move to the new building for closing machine technology, toolmaking and production of 2-part cans at Fraunhoferstrasse 6.

Funded by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Federal Government and the State of Schleswig Holstein.

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