The snap-on caps Pano SR and SPS are made of aluminium and are preferably used for glasses which have a small beaded lip instead of a thread which allows them to be subsequently used as drinking glasses after use. 

Both types of closures are suitable for a variety of filling substances such as marmalade, energy drinks, dressings, cheese preparations, anchovy fillets, sauces, mixed pickles etc.

Sealing is effected by the closure being pressed under vacuum onto the glass finish.

The Pano SPS also additionally has a button and a seal which is applied to the closure crown: If the seal is pulled off, the vacuum is broken so that the closure can be effortlessly removed.

The most important data:

  • Snap-on cap in the sizes 61.5, 63.5, 65, 68, 70, 79, 82 mm
  • With or without button function
  • By request BPA-NI interior coating
  • Cold or hot filling
  • Pasteurisation or sterilisation
  • Sealing under vacuum

Pano SR and SPS