The high capability sorting and feed system MFH 3000 can be combined with the glass capping machine DVV 100 E EL as well as with machines from other manufacturers. 

MFH 3000 permits extremely high speeds in production. 

The lug caps are conveyed via a height-adjustable magnetic elevator from a storage chamber, pneumatically sorted and fed to the capping machine along a length of track which can be lengthened at will. The storage chamber can be installed in a separate area away from the capping line if necessary.

The most important data:

  • Up to 30,000 lug caps/h
  • Height-adjustable magnetic elevator
  • Variable conveying track
  • Standard closure sizes
    33–43, 48–82 mm
  • Optional closure sizes
    89–110 mm



Sorting and feed system MFH 3000