The food industry has been calling for closures with PVC-free sealing material for glass jars for many years. Pano Verschluss GmbH is the first manufacturer to offer closures with a PVC-free seal which are able to close the jars as securely as they could previously.

The new PVC-free sealing compound is based on thermoplastic polyolefins (TPE) which already possess an internal plasticizer and therefore no longer need any softening additives. Materials of this kind have been used in the crown cap sector for years. Expert analysis by the Nehring Institute in Brunswick and the SQTS, Switzerland confirm that all relevant food regulations are being observed.

An additional plus: The new sealing compound has low migration and, compared to conventional PVC- sealing compounds, it lowers migration potential several times over. Therefore, the migration legislation in place since 1st May 2009 which applies to filling substances containing fat can be observed unreservedly.

In the meantime, a variety of well-known companies from the fine food, delicatessen, and organic sectors have been convinced of the operational capability of Pano BLUESEAL® and have altered their packaging in favour of this. 

PANO BLUESEAL® closures are able to be processed in the usual capping process using steam vacuum capping machines, the sealing behaviour (safety, N-N-distance and opening power) is comparable to that of closures with PVC seals. The closures can be used for all filling substances and for heat-treating up to 98 °C without counter pressure, pasteurisation without counter pressure is also possible with an appropriate pressure control system. A sterilisation-proof version is being developed.

The material is coloured blue to distinguish it from PVC seals.

Mass production of TO 66 closures began in the first quarter of 2011 - naturally in both versions, with and without buttons. From June 2011, production of diameters with 53 mm and 63 mm got underway, other sizes are being prepared. 

PVC-free closure Pano BLUESEAL

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