Since the market launch of Pano BLUESEAL® in 2011, the world’s first PVC-free and unplasticised cam screw caps, interest has grown along the whole food industry supply chain. Several renowned companies from the delicatessen sector have now been convinced of their attributes and have converted their packaging to BLUESEAL®. Additional firms are investigating and planning conversion. Retail and supermarket chains are also asking their suppliers to look into conversion.

Pano was able to achieve a production capacity of 10 million caps soon after commissioning the first production line in March 2011. Capacity was doubled in December 2011 thanks to a second production line at the new Pano factory on Frauenhofer Straße.

Pano has also made progress in product development. The BLUESEAL® is now available in three diameters: 53 mm, 63 mm and 66 mm, each with and without button. Diameters of 58 and 70 mm are likely to follow at the start of April 2012. Other cap sizes are in progress.

An expansion of the range of uses for BLUESEAL® is also great news. In addition to the familiar application in the pasteurisation sector, Pano now also offers caps with specially designed seals for cold filling and sterilisation applications.

BLUESEAL® is: environmentally-friendly, sustainable and helps the consumer. BLUESEAL® easily meets the requirements of European food legislation.

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