BLUESEAL® a success worldwide: Over 1 billion PVC-free closures sold

In early November 2016, Pano Verschluss GmbH, the specialist for PVC-free jar closures, exceeded the 1 billion mark in sales of BLUESEAL®! The ecologically exemplary innovation that does without PVC has sustainably established itself in the market.

With its resource-conserving BLUESEAL® jar closure, featuring a sealing compound that does not contain any plasticizers in contrast to conventional closures, Pano fulfils the demands of organic food manufacturers and retailers to a particularly high degree. At the same time, the closure satisfies the understandable desire of consumers for perfectly safe packaging. more…

Becoming increasingly more popular: Jar closures without PVC and plasticizers

Every year, more than 20 billion closures are produced for glass jars in Europe. Of these, around 3.5 billion are used by manufacturers for oily and fatty food products. Until recently, there was no other alternative to closures with a seal made of PVC.

Plasticizers need to be added to make PVC supple. But health risks could not be safely excluded from any of the substances. Indeed, the EU adopted regulations to limit more…

Pano BLUESEAL® – the development continues

Since the market launch of Pano BLUESEAL in 2011, the world’s first PVC-free and unplasticised cam screw caps, interest has grown along the whole food industry supply chain. Several renowned companies from the delicatessen sector have now been convinced of their attributes and have converted their packaging to BLUESEAL. Additional firms are investigating and planning conversion. Retail and supermarket chains are also asking more…

PVC-free closure Pano BLUESEAL®

The food industry has been calling for closures with PVC-free sealing material for glass jars for many years. Pano Verschluss GmbH is the first manufacturer to offer closures with a PVC-free seal which are able to close the jars as securely as they could previously.

The new PVC-free sealing compound is based on thermoplastic polyolefins (TPE) which already possess an more…

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