August 26, 2021

Project NaturRein with our customer Zentis

The new premium fruit spread from Zentis has been on the shelves of German food retailers since May 2021.
A special eye-catcher is the cork lid, which ideally combines haptics and appearance. The development of this glass closure was accompanied by Pano in many ways. At the beginning of the project, there was the question of which closure should be used in the cork cap in order to meet Zentis' strict requirements with regard to sustainability and product safety. It should be a metal closure that is PVC-free, sustainably produced and BPA-Ni compliant. It was proven that the PVC-free BLUESEAL® closure from Pano fulfilled these requirements best. The cooperation between the Zentis and Pano teams then led to the present excellent result. Pano was also able to accompany the market launch. With the transfer of this project to series production, we can now conclude another great project with "Look out for the blue ring".