December 01, 2021

Sustainability lives from implementation and not from announcement

In line with this PANO motto, we have set another sustainability milestone and successfully completed our mega project "new printing press-Metallstar" ahead of schedule after a short installation period and now already 8 months of production.

Our pleasing conclusion:

1. A successful installation of a very powerful printing press by K&B (fortunately we had the top technical team and the top project manager on site).

2. All peripheral components (housing, ventilation, temperature compensation, light, noise protection, etc.) give the "kick" and facilitate the work of our printing technicians

3. Printing inspection and acceptance by the FOGRA institute is highly recommended.

4. We have top employees - from prepress to our technicians and project management. The team has gone above and beyond the standard to make the project a success.

5. Our print technicians' special devotion to detail and high performance orientation makes the heart beat faster.

6. Last but not least, very important: the sustainable CO2 savings. Our new press does not require any natural gas for the ink drying process and is powered exclusively by green electricity.

Proud print technicians (in picture: Lars Siebert, Florian Falkenberg, Fredrik Nilsson, Oliver Nähr. Not in the picture: Björn Rademacher).