December 11, 2015

Ready for download: Our new print specifications

Ready for download: Our new print specifications

While designing the cap decor, the graphic designer must attend to many details. This is because caps are printed on a sheet of tin or aluminium and then brought into the desired shape.

Theoretically, caused by the shaping process, the typeface could get too close to the lower edge or appear directly on the edge of the compound canal or face side. To avoid this, it is important to know the exact location of the face side, the button, the edges of the compound canal etc. This allows you to place the text and image elements of the decor precisely in such a way that the print result meets your demands.

Our new print specifications include all details about designing the decor and creating your print templates. Here, you will find all dimensions for placing texts and images. Optimised information graphics make it easy to understand the structure of the caps.