June 01, 2017

Updated data and information sheets for our customers

Updated data and information sheets for our customers

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to augment our product portfolio with deep closures with the Blueseal® compound (powered by Provalin®). This expansion goes hand-in-hand with a concentrated focus on the manufacture of PVC-free closures. Consequently, we have withdrawn several closure sizes with PVC compounds from our assortment.

In timing with the start of production of the deep Blueseal® closure with a diameter of 82 mm, we have brought our customer data and information sheets up to date and optimised them. You can find the new documents in German or English in the download area.

What is new? The main revisions:

In the data sheets for the PVC-free Pano Blueseal® and the lug cap with PVC compound, alongside the regular closures you will now also find the deep lug caps and their technical specifications. The dimension sheets for regular and deep lug caps have been updated accordingly. Our deep closure types are available in the sizes 58, 66 and 82 mm, optionally with or without a button function, and with or without a BPA-NI interior coating.

We had already updated our print specifications and the guideline for processing our Blueseal® closures in March. If you don't already have the latest versions: The guideline contains useful information for your production line employees, and so it is really advisable to download them. The print specifications are a must for correctly realising your closure decors. Here you will find general information and dimensions for designing and preparing the print templates.

Our practical questionnaires on the use of cam screw caps and aluminium closures now include additional information, and should cover all closure variants and application scenarios. As always, you can download the questionnaires as PDF forms, which you can simply fill in, save and print using a PDF reader.

Many other documents have also been updated, in some cases only with minor amendments, however. As usual, all the data and information sheets can be found in the download area.

If you have any questions or suggestions: Your contact partner at Pano will be glad to assist you.