January 19, 2023

German Metal Packaging Association presents Code of Conduct certificate to PANO

The German Metal Packaging Association (VMV) is the organ of the manufacturers of metal packaging and closures. As such, the VMV has formulated a Code of Conduct and offers its association companies to audit the company's own (in our case PANO's) Code of Conduct. As VMV auditors, the managing director Jörg Höppner and Mr. Niko Tessin visited us and audited PANO on site. The content of the Code of Conduct deals with topics such as compliance with laws, standards, ethical behaviour, corporate mission statement, competition law, but also compliance with human rights and health. As a result, the VMV received a very positive impression of PANO and confirmed PANO's compliance with the VMV Code of Conduct with its certificate, which is valid for two years.

Download certificate