April 22, 2021

New Forklifters

Pano goes green

Pano Verschluss GmbH is of the opinion that "sustainability lives from implementation, not from announcements". If you take a look at the warehouse, you will see that Pano also puts this promise into practice. Not only is green electricity used in production, but also the entire warehouse technology runs on electricity.

Behind the plan to operate the entire warehouse without emissions, the focus is not on economic aspects, but above all on environmental considerations: "We have switched completely to green electricity in 2021 and thus achieved a CO2 saving of 100%," reports plant manager Erdtmann. The new Mitsubishi forklift trucks fit in well with this concept. Mitsubishi forklift dealer Heinrich Kampf confirms that not only the paint is green: "Electric forklifts like the EDiA are not only emission-free. In terms of

power and economy, they can rival any diesel or gas forklift," says the Fördertechnik K&K GmbH managing director. In addition to two reach trucks and various high and low lift trucks, the Pano warehouse fleet has also included three EDiA electric forklifts for several months.

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