From the product idea to the efficient capping technology

Full service from Pano

At Pano, four competence areas intermesh to cover all our customers' requirements:

Competence area


Our bioeconomic production concept includes ongoing improvement of the production efficiency on a CO₂-neutral basis. Another advantage of new technologies and systems is that we can offer our customers the greatest degree of reliability and planning security thanks to ideal conditions.


 Container sealant


Security monitor

Measuring device


Competence area

Capping technology integration

Pano with its design and development department can call on decades of experience in machine engineering and toolmaking. This is where our tried and tested capping machines are developed. Here is also our technical support centre, which is available to our customers 24/7 – if required on site as well.


Customised tools

Tooling systems for the manufacture of caps and tins

Customised capping machines


Whether circular grinding, surface grinding, CNC lathing or CNC milling – we manufacture tools and tooling systems in an air-conditioned environment using state-of-the-art machine technology with extremely close tolerances. Heat treatment combined with deep freezing optimises the structural composition of materials.

Delivery programme

Cutting punches and die rings

Curl rings and segments

Lug forming parts

Spare parts for TWIN dies

Syringe nozzles and needles

Measuring equipment for caps

Competence area

Consultation, development & service

We are the first point of contact when it comes to finding the perfect capping solution or a completely new glass packaging. With new ideas, we develop practicable proposals which we can tailor to our customers' requirements wherever expedient with special cap sizes, new combinations of materials and special details. This enables us to provide standalone product solutions that can be used to respond to trends in the retail sector or to fill niches in the market.


Advisory services

Product development through to the production stage

Made-to-measure packaging solutions and capping technology

Ongoing support

Competence area

Coating & printing

Whether in a discreetly metallic look, with a neutral coating or a multicoloured printed decor – we can deliver your cap just as you want it and, where required, integrate forgery-proof features into the printed image. Our print shop is geared to fulfilling the demanding requirements of our customers. Brilliant printing results with consistently high quality standards, a customer-oriented service and maximum flexibility are self-explanatory for us.

Paint shop

Paint shop

Pre-press services

Fully digitised workflow

Processing of your digital print data (PDF/X-3, etc.)

Exposure of the printing plates using a CTP system

Proofs on special paper

Flat screen printing on to tinplate or aluminium (digital or conventional)

Preparation of cap and tin prototypes

Printing services

Coating and printing of aluminium and tinplate

Usage of conventional and UV inks

Printing in line with the Euroscale and in all desired full-tone colours

Finishing in radiant metallic gold, silver, etc.

Finish in gloss, matt, partial matt, soft-touch surfaces

Embossing on aluminium