Many of the Pano members of staff have experienced something which is rare in today's world: A long-standing affiliation with the company. Pano has had its headquarters in the district town of Itzehoe with just over 30,000 inhabitants for decades and as a medium-sized business here, we live up to a special commitment, our responsibility towards our employees and their families. 

This does not alter the fact that we are active in an industry which constantly faces major challenges. As a supplier to the food industry, we sense new trends in the field of packaging at an early stage.

We try to meet the shifts in the market and the changing consumer preferences in good time with new products and further development of our product range. 

For Pano, innovative power, reliability and consistently high standards of quality form three incontrovertible pillars and these would not be possible without competent, dedicated employees.

Which is why we are always pleased to receive unsolicited job applications from people whose training or experience are in line with our goals and missions.

Are you looking for an apprenticeship?

Pano is a training facility for professions such as technical draughtsman/draughtswoman, industrial mechanics, office administrator, business administrator and specialists in media design.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Pano, then please send your application with the usual documents to us.

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